Happy Birthday Sister

Happy Birthday Sister

Birthday wishes to sweet little sister

  • This morning blessing may shower upon you.
  • Cute and many wonderful 
  • dear i wish you happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday sister

Happy birthday big sister

    Have fun but go easy on your birthday.

  • Sorry for every trouble i made happy birthday to you,
  • Sun in the day and Moon in the night you are my day even if these don’t follow you.
  • Belated happy birthday to a supporter who is always with me.
happy birthday sister
        Happy Birthday sister

Find it strange to wish you today b’coz i am in this world after you. you know it.

Give the chocolate or the sweets , but nothing is sweet enough. don’t know why ? I remember it’s your birthday.

You will be my dear sister whole life long, no matter we are separated by distance now . long have time gone meeting you dear

Go and found that i remember your orders , but also your linked love with it when you hide things under pillow for myself !  Happy birthday

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